Mission: The Royal Oak-Huntingoton Woods TimeBank seeks to return to the time-honored tradition of neighbors helping neighbors by fostering community interactions that empower members to exchange their time, skills, and talents with one another and in doing so build meaningful personal relationships.

What is a TimeBank?

A TimeBank is a community of people who support each other. When you spend an hour to do something for an individual or group, with TimeBanking, you will earn one Time Dollar. Then you can use that TimeBank dollar to buy one hour of a neighbor's time or engage in a group activity offered by a neighbor. It's that simple and it has profound effects on our community. You get to know your neighbors and build an old-fashioned extended family of people who take care of each other.

How Does A TimeBank Work?

With TimeBanking, you will be working with a group of individuals who are joined together for the common good. TimeBanking brings out the best in people because, as a system, it connects unmet needs with untapped resources.In this simple way, TimeBanking changes the world. It may be through a single exchange between two friends. Or it might be by changing the dynamics of human service systems that serve thousands and even millions of individuals over time!